Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kids say the darndest things.....

Life is funny.  And I'd like to believe that I am funny as well.  I have my moments definitely, but for the most part I think most people take all of this way too seriously and most people just need to relax.  That being one can offer comic relief like a child.   That being said I thought I would share a compilation I've kept over the years of the funny things the kids in my life have said, including a few funny conversations as well as some of the countless mispronunciations I've heard over the years......feel free to share yours as well.

I took my youngest daughter, who was two at the time, into my work with me one day.  I work in a restaurant.
We were going to bring soup home with us for my husband.  My daughter proceeded to tell my co-worker that
"we were bringing soup home for her Daddy because he's souper!"

While riding in the car with my five year old daughter one day, she said to my husband, "Daddy when I am
sixteen you are going to be a grandpa."  My husband replied in a fatherly tone,  " I better not be."  My oldest
replied, " It's okay Daddy, I'll still love you."

One day this August, my oldest daughter was studying the words on my mom's bottled spring water and then
posed this question, " Grandma, why are you drinking spring water when it's summer?"

Me to child: "Do you know who Santa Claus is?"
Child: " Yeah, I know all about clauses."

Funny Misproniciations
Squawberry Winnie Meats = Strawberry Mini Wheats
Sangwich = Sandwich
Ruddfuckers = Fuddruckers
The ipsy ditsy spider = The itsy bitsy spider
Tooties and Tatters = Cookies and Crackers
Tapping = ice cream
Funder = Thunder
Mapkin = Napkin
Old Country Dufay = Old Country Buffet
Cuverd = Cupboard
Tinker toy = Canker Sore
Spageedo Bite = Mosquito Bite
Maazagine = Magazine
Spring Cheese = String Cheese
Tomanose = Tomatoes
Thinger = Finger
Noonie = pacifier
c by c by y =TCBY

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  1. You to your 2 year old: What spaghetti for dinner?
    Her: Gasp! Slurp!
    (I guess it's funnier with the actual sounds)

    Josh: Going fo a wide in the cow to Spuh.
    (Going for a ride in the car to Spur)